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10 Bath Shower Mixer Ideas For Stylish Bathrooms

This essential piece of bathroom hardware can be a style hero. Let yourself be inspired

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A bath shower mixer can make or break a bathroom – get the right one and it can turn an already fabulous bath into a scene-stealer. Here are 10 favourite finds – and tips on how to choose the best one for your bathroom.

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Be consistent with lines
The focus of this room is the curvaceous bath – everything else is about angles, including the chunky square floor-standing bath shower mixer, which echoes the style of the shower head, the basin tap and the towel holder on the side of the vanity unit. Why choose square fittings here? They’re an authentic fit for the 1930s style subway wall tiles.

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Keep it sleek
If your bathroom is compact, investing in a bath shower mixer that’s slim, unobtrusive and simply designed will help make the space feel uncluttered. This one has two further benefits: it’s fitted to the wall, allowing the bath to be pushed as far back as possible, and it is in polished chrome, which reflects light – helping to stretch space visually. Though this has been fitted with a freestanding bath, it could equally work with a fitted one.

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Go for elegance
If you’re installing a freestanding bath, a floor-standing curved bath shower mixer in polished chrome will give the space instant grandeur. For maximum impact, invest in the tallest tap you can find, but be sure to double-check that its proportions suit those of the bath – it should be about one-third taller than the bath’s height at most.

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Complement the bath’s style
Choosing a feature bath to be the focal point of your room? Picking a bath shower mixer to mirror the style – or colour – of the bath will double the effect. This freestanding single-lever bath shower mixer with diverter and hand shower set in red would also make a fabulous feature on its own in an all-white or monochrome bathroom scheme.

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Opt for spa style
If you want to create a feeling of indulgent, designer luxury in your bathroom, choosing a bath shower mixer with a waterfall spout will do the job. Check the function of the tap before your plumber leaves – if the water pressure is very high and the tap lever isn’t adjusted properly, the water can shoot forwards rather than lapping lazily downwards.

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Create a focal feature
Make the most of a bath shower mixer tap’s good looks by installing it in a position where it’s visible from around the room, rather than hiding it behind the bath. For practical reasons, ensure access to the bath isn’t impeded by it. This floorstanding bath shower mixer has a clever concealed waterfall spout outlet with room for bottles on top.

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Make it modern
In a contemporary bathroom that you want to feel uncluttered and streamlined, choose a modern, surface-mounted bath shower mixer that can sit neatly on the edge of an angular bath, whether freestanding or back-to-wall. This five-hole bath shower mixer with embossed flange chrome handles has a slim shower head and tap for a slick, tidy finish.

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Decide on polished or satin finish
Which to choose: a polished built-in single-lever bath shower mixer with shower set like this one – or one with a satin finish? Satin chrome usually works with more contemporary schemes, while polished chrome is better for more traditional bathrooms. So this polished bath shower mixer works to give this contemporary bathroom a more informal feel.

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Choose traditional fittings
There’s no need to trawl salvage yards to complement an authentic bath – there are tons of period-style bath shower mixer designs with all the benefits of modern technology. Details to look for? Crosshead taps with ceramic hot and cold inserts, ceramic lever and shower handles, and flared styling on the spout of the bath tap.

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Look to the East
Japanese-style bathing is a hot trend for bathrooms. This sunken shower-bath is a modern take on the classic Japanese bath and needs a contemporary but understated shower bath mixer set to complement it. For safe, family bathing, choose one with a built-in thermostat that can regulate the water’s temperature.

Which of these designs would you choose for your own bathroom and why? Share your thoughts and any tips in the Comments section.



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