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Yearly Archives: 2016

Small bathrooms

In ancient times, happy to enjoy the benefits of large complexes, which housed the municipal baths. There were performed ablution, relax, anointed body oils.

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Youth room decorating ideas

The design of young person room differs in a big way from the room of an adult person. Usually it combines in itself some styles and performs several functions. It can be a sleeping room, a cabinet or a drawing room, sometimes even gymnasium. Unlike adults the youths are not so attached to subjects, their choices are so quickly changeable ...

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Salon lighting ideas

During the salon lightning planning first of all it is necessary to decide about the functional purpose of the room. Maybe it is going to be a dining room or the guest sleeping room, or maybe it will be used as a room for family recreation or as a state drawing room for parties and entertaining. In a perfect way ...

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Ideas for interior decoration of home

Modern design has a number of unusual trends which just a couple of years ago seemed to be rather disputable, but in the course of time they proved their tenability and undeniable actuality. Let’s have a look on the most popular directions used by modern creative designers and architects. The first thing which inspires design experts is a staircase. Now ...

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New ideas for home design

We are lucky to live in a marvelous time, the time when home design introduces a great variety of different styles and directions, giving a person who is going to built or just to renovate a house a wide choice of new home styling ideas appropriate to his own personality. It can belong to one concrete architectural direction or it ...

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How to decorate an attic bedroom

At early times the attic room was considered to be the living place for poor people. But today the price for the living area under the roof is not less than for the standard flat. And that is no wonder, it is hard to imagine more romantic place. Especially if it is a sleeping room and its design is organized ...

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